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Christie Martin

Christie is an experienced recruiter and human resources professional with over 18 years experience working with retail headquarters and retail suppliers.

She is an Executive Recruiter at Cameron Smith & Associates in Rogers, AR and is co-founder of Skills Lab, a career coaching service for teens and young adults. She regularly works with candidates making professional transitions and coaches them to build confidence and make the process as smooth as possible.

A native of Northwest Arkansas, Christie holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Arkansas.  Though she loves professionally helping others find their next-right-fit in life, she is also personally passionate about helping her ‘neighbors’ who are on the margins of society to find resources and assistance.

She is a leader with Laundry Love in NWA, providing free laundry, outreach and food to those in poverty and homelessness on a monthly basis.  She also manages a social media page to advertise and communicate available assistance to those who need it. Her passions center on those living on the margins, neighbor outreach, and orphan care.

Growing Personally and Professionally through Volunteerism – what will we cover?

She will share about having a ‘servant heart’ and using your gifts and talents to meet the needs around you.  She’ll discuss the importance of volunteerism and various aspects, including:  recognizing needs, plugging into something that aligns with your passions, building networks and expanding your scope.