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We all have an internal critic – sometimes a whole gang of them.  Some days they’re quiet.
Other days, they get riled up.

Perhaps it’s because you were laid off, or you’ve been challenged to take on a big new project, or you’ve been criticized by someone important to you. Whatever the reason, the internal critic can make us feel pretty awful about ourselves.

In this program, you’ll learn practical, immediately-applicable ways to get some relief from your personal gang of critics – ideas and tools that go beyond the traditional self-care advice to love yourself and repeat positive affirmations. (Sometimes those work. Other times, they just make things worse.)

Presentation followed by Networking

About our Presenter: Grace Judson

Grace has a vision of a world where people wake up looking forward
to their workday because their jobs are meaningful, interesting,
challenging, and even exciting.
She’s on a mission to make corporate life more fun. Not just livable;
not just bearable: fun. Work shouldn’t suck. The corporate life
shouldn’t be a rat race. Sixty percent of new leaders shouldn’t fail in
their first year.
Drawing on 25 years of corporate experience – including 16 years of
executive leadership – plus 13 years of leadership training and
coaching, Grace works with first-line managers and leaders to help
them create meaningful, enjoyable, high-paying careers as they learn
the skills most in demand by the companies they want to work for.