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Etiquette Class

Get a refresher on how to navigate a formal table setting and identify items and use them at the table.

Some skills that will be discussed in this session:

  • How and When to Order Wine and/or your Meal from the Menu
  • When to start eating in a Business Situation
  • The importance of choosing the Table location and where to Sit (As a Host and a Guest)
  • Paying and Tipping
  • When to Discuss Business
  • Gendered Manners such as Holding Chairs and Appropriate Thank-yous
  • Approaching and connecting with other people at a Cocktail Party
    • Personal appearance, proper attire and what to do with personal items (bags, purses, briefs)
    • Eating and Drinking: Consumption of alcohol; When to eat in a networking event; Position of the plate, glass, and napkin; Foods to avoid.
  • How to Navigate a Formal Table Setting and Identify Items and Use at the Table; Proper Use of Utensils; How to Hold and Identify Glassware; Proper Use of the Napkin; Bread and Butter Plate; How to Pass Items at the Table; Handling Unwanted Food; Body Language at the Table; Different Dining Styles (American and Continental) and Resting and Close-Out Positions for each.



Guest Speaker: Monica Herrera

Monica Herrera is the owner and instructor of Proper Way Academy, a place for children and adults to learn the skills necessary for them to communicate better, consider others above themselves, as well as feel comfortable and self-assured in most social situations thru the power of etiquette. She was born and raised in Mexico and she has been fortunate to live in North America, Europe, and Asia. This exposure to other cultures gave her the opportunity to experience first hand the beauty and refinement found in different societies and customs around the world. She is a proud Centerton resident where she lives with her husband and 4 children. She got her certification as an Etiquette Instructor from the prestigious American School of Protocol. She has a Bachelors’s degree in Hospitality Industry from the renowned ESDAI from the top-rated Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City, preparing her for a professional, ethical and socially responsible performance. ESDAI is considered #1 in Gastronomy in Mexico by the PaulBocuse Institute. She also attended the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston to broaden her experience.