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Negotiation for Nice People

Learn the negotiation skills that will gain recognition and prosperity and strengthen your relationships.

You’d rather compromise than risk damaging important relationships.

You’re frustrated because people don’t respond when you ask for what you want.

You’d really like to be able to achieve your goals without being viewed as demanding, pushy, or tough.

And you’d love to walk into tough business negotiations feeling calm, confident, and prepared for whatever might happen.

In this session, participants will

  • Discover the relevance of tactical empathy in tough negotiations.
  • Realize why traditional negotiation practices often lead to dissatisfaction on all sides.
  • Learn new tools for empathetic understanding and their application to negotiation.
  • Become a better negotiator than you ever expected -without damaging your relationships


Guest Speaker: Grace Judson, Leadership Expert

Grace is a leadership geek on a mission to help new managers become good leaders.

“And when I look back on my career and my life, it’s all there. All the many things I’m interested in and have studied come together in this thing called leadership. And when I look at where I serve my clients best, there it is: leadership. I speak on real-world topics, presenting practical tools that attendees can use to change their professional and personal lives. For 16 years, I held leadership positions in global organizations. In 2005, I realized I could have a more meaningful impact as an external consultant. Since then, it’s been my mission to help leaders, teams, and individuals become the leaders they truly are.”

Learn More About Grace Hudson here.