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Perfectly Hidden Depression

Dr. Margaret Rutherford will be joining to talk about a syndrome she has an expertise in called Perfectly Hidden Depression – where a perfect-looking life actually masks a silent depression that can lie so far beneath the surface, you might not even be conscious of it.

Until you see the words perfectly hidden depression (PHD) – and something clicks. She will go over the top ten traits of PHD and what she’s learned about perfectionism, such as how it differs from “striving for excellence” and how, in childhood, a perfectionistic drive can become an emotional survival strategy.

But she’ll also discuss present-day beliefs that can get in your way of finding self-acceptance, such as the confusion between self-centeredness, selfishness, and self-awareness. Her motto is, “Look for what you actually have control over.” So, she will also cover steps toward developing a lifestyle that will lead you toward self-compassion and true resilience.


Guest Speaker: Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Dr. Margaret Rutherford, a clinical psychologist, has practiced for twenty-six years in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Earning the 2009 Arkansas Private Practitioner of the Year award for her volunteer work at a local free health clinic, she began blogging and podcasting in 2012 to destigmatize mental illness and educate the public about therapy and treatment.

With her compassionate and common-sense style, her work can be found at https://DrMargaretRutherford.com, as well as HuffPost, Psych Central, Psychology Today, The Mighty, the Gottman Blog and others. She hosts a weekly podcast, The SelfWork Podcast with Dr. Margaret Rutherford. And her new book, Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression, is published by New Harbinger and available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore.